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It's not a template. It's a System.

To make life easier for small agencies and freelancers, we launched Client Hub. I want to assist them in working more efficiently so they can work less and devote more time to other vital tasks.

If you work as a freelancer, you've undoubtedly experienced this:

  • Inifite attempts to close a meeting with a client
  • Lost time and effort creating project management progression emails
  • spent time on pointless phone calls with the client discussing administrative issues
  • or perhaps losing a client because you aren't "large" enough for what they need
  • Moreover, exchanging emails with your client concerning files, documents, or reports takes up a lot of time.

So, Why using Client Hub?

  • Save dozens of hours every project by using a straightforward management strategy.
  • Impress your client by handling the service in a knowledgeable and efficient manner.
  • Enhance your client experience.
  • Simple task, project, and goal tracking.
  • All-in-one place for a happy ending project -> ☺︎ Happy Client = More Clients

You may consolidate all activities, paperwork, and private data into one location with Client Hub. It is straightforward, simple to set up and use, and effective since it allows you and your client to work together and move things along more quickly.

Client Hub Includes:

  • Area for invoice and contract handling
  • Simple but powerful Project Management tool based on Goals > Projects > Tasks
  • Minimalistic aesthetic dashboard to have an overview of the project status
  • A fantastic Scheduling Meeting system where taking notes and setting tasks up is easy and helpful
  • Kickoff system to understand all of your project needs
  • To store all the files, drafts, and finished papers for clients, create a client resource and files area.
  • Account access: to share logins and tools
  • Feedback: in order to understand what you can improve for the next client
  • Tutorials: both for Notion basics and for this System (includes video for every section set up)

Client Hub is for:

  • Freelancers: no matter the industry, since it is 100% customizable
  • Small Agencies
  • Anyone who needs to handle projects with clients

Some Previews

  • Minimalistic branded Dashboard for an instant overview:

  • To effortlessly add tasks or projects to your client's list, use our project management:

Or tasks,

  • Easily set up meetings and have all notes close at hand:

And Notes,

  • Invoice management: track the payment status easily

  • All your tools and shared spaces accesses in one place:

  • Finish your project and ask for feedback:

  • Templates: you will also find all type of templates within the Hub (task, projects, Goals, notes, etc.) so you will be able to escale this organisation as much as you need.

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We are happy to offer a 'no-questions-asked' refund during the 30 days after the purchase.

Hola 👋, I'm Rafa

A bit of myself, Icome from Spain and I have been working in the digital marketing industry for +15 years. I have succesfuly launched various e-commerce and SaaS products in the past and now I'm focusing on help freelancers with realistic and acctionable tools to save the time to enjoy life.

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have questions or follow us for more info about templates, ideas and tricks.

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Client Hub

12 ratings
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